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Larry Coryell - electric guitar
Victor Bailey - electric bass
Lenny White - drums


  1. Wolfbane (Lenny White)       6:05
  2. BB Blues (Larry Coryell)       5:01
  3. So What (Miles Davis)       6:17
  4. Sex Machine (Sylvester Stewart)       7:16
  5. Black Dog (R.A. Plant-James Page-John Baldwin)       5:08
  6. Footprints (Wayne Shorter)       7:24
  7. Born Under a Bad Sign (W M Bell - Booker T Jones)       7:49
  8. Lowblow (Victor Bailey)       7:11
  9. Rhapsody and Blues (Larry Coryell)       4:11

       Total Time:       56:22
    “This record is only the first of what I hope to be several efforts with this combination,” enthuses Coryell.   “The music is fresh, and the personal chemistry is more than amicable.   It's explosive!   What more can you ask of a new group?”

    Chesky Records is proud to announce the release of ELECTRIC, a blistering set of jazz, blues and classic rock anthems as performed by the pioneer of jazz-rock Larry Coryell with veteran Return to Forever drummer Lenny White and former Weather Report bass player Victor Bailey.

    On ELECTRIC, Coryell and friends have an all-out blast working their way through a track listing of rock and blues tunes, bending and stretching covers of well-known cuts popularised by Led Zeppelin (“Black Dog”), Sly and the Family Stone (“Sex Machine”), as well as Miles Davis' “So What” (from his seminal KIND OF BLUE album) and Wayne Shorter's “Footprints” into a rockin' musical adventure.   “We tried to straddle the lines between 'jazz', 'rock', 'funk' and 'fusion' and whatever other names people want to put on music,” comments Bailey.

    The trio members were particularly impressed with the minimal editing Chesky did to produce the sizzling live sound of the album.   “Today few recordings are done this way,” says White, “let alone being captured with one mike which made it all the more special.”   Producer David Chesky says, “This is a new venture for all of the players and a new sound for Chesky.

    The amazing dynamics of this uncompressed recording puts you in a front row seat for a blistering performance of jazz, blues and rock anthems by one of the world's greatest electric power trios.   Play this record loud and you won't believe how good your system sounds.

      “We chose an unexpected repertoire to be sure, but it's all jazz in the end.” -Larry Coryell

      “I just called out tunes that I thought would be fun to mess with… 'Black Dog' is my all-time favorite rock tune and Sly's 'Sex Machine' is something I always wanted to cover.” - Lenny White

      “We opted just to play and let the chips fall as they may, I think those chips stacked up pretty well.” - Victor Bailey

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