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  1. Protect This Child   (Rachel Z)
  2. Moon In Your Hair   (Rachel Z)
  3. One   (U2: A. Clayton, D. Evans, P. Hewson, L. Mullen)
  4. Grace   (Rachel Z)
  5. Pain   (Rachel Z)
  6. Come As You Are   (K. Cobain)
  7. This Woman's Work   (K. Bush)
  8. Riot   (Rachel Z)
  9. Joga   (Bjork Gudmunsdottir, A. Thaws)
10. Imagine   (J. Lennon)

    On Grace Rachel Z selects songs by U2, Nirvana, Bjork and others and blends them seamlessly with her own vocal compositions.   The ten tracks on the album cover universal themes of love, pain and growth.
    The trio consisting of Rachel's piano, long-time collaborator Bobbie Rae's signature drums/percussion and Chris J. Luard on bass, is recorded with Chesky's renowned minimalist miking techniques, and creates a most intimate environment for such eloquent material.
    Rachel Z has toured extensively with Peter Gabriel.   She has collaborated heavily with saxophone legend Wayne Shorter on projects including his GRAMMY Award-Winning album “High Life,” in which she also served as Musical Director for the supporting tour.   Rachel has also performed with Al DiMeola, Larry Coryell, Angela Bofill, Steps Ahead and Stanley Clarke.   She is a Manhattan native and a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music.
    To connect with new listeners without selling out or dumbing down, Rachel has found a way to make the age-old piano trio relevant and fresh to younger ears.” -
    This vocal trio project has been residing in my heart for almost ten years.   I was originally going to be an opera singer so I'm elated at this opportunity to use all of my gifts and to present them here for you.” - RACHEL Z

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