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David Chesky:
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
The Girl from Guatemala
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

Anthony Aibel, conductor


Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - Tom Chiu, violin
I. Allegro molto (9:04)
II. Andante misterioso (9:45)
III. Allegro maestoso (7:33)

The Girl from Guatemala - Wonjung Kim, soprano
(Libretto from Poem No. 9 by Jose Marti 1853-1895) (7:33)

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra - Jeffrey Khaner, flute
I. Largo; Presto (9:11)
II. Adagio cantabile (5:44)
III. Allegro con spirito (7:42)

Total Time: 56:31

All compositions by David Chesky.

    Area 31 is a new and vibrant ensemble led by noted conductor Anthony Aibel.   This new modern downtown Manhattan chamber ensemble of all young star virtuosos, comprised of members from 13 different countries, is devoted to the recording and performance of new music works that challenge the assumed confines of modern composition.   These two concertos infuse the European concerto tradition with its American parallel, the jazz soloist interacting with a rhythm section.   This exciting fusion of jazz and classical is a compelling new direction for David Chesky.
    Violinist Tom Chiu is a very well known violin player with the Flux Quartet.   Jeffrey Khaner is principal flutist with the Philadelphia orchestra.   David Chesky's Violin Concerto and his Flute Concerto infuse the 400 year-old European concerto tradition with its American parallel - the jazz soloist interacting with a rhythm section.   In these mesmerizing works, Latin and Brazilian rhythms perforate the terse and carefully constructed lines of Baroque counterpoint, while harrowing jazz figurations dominate the soloist's passionate romantic lines.   Throughout, the energy of the modern urban metropolis collides with the high concerto form, sending it into overdrive and creating a new Concerto Grosso, one which pulsates with the rhythmic counterpoint of the inner city.   Like the street music of the city of New York (where they were written in the autumn of 2003), these compositions incorporate and merge different styles.
    This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
    • Direct Stream Digital™ Multi-Channel Suround Sound
    • Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
    • CD Standard Stereo

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