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Ars Antigua Austria
Gunar Letzbor, director
Michael Oman, Recorder Consort's Leader


H. I. F. Biber (1644-1704)
[1] Sonata Pro tabula in C major
[2 - 7] Balletti à 4 in G major
[8] Sonata à 5 in C major (Anonymous Att. to Biber)
[9] Partita ex Vienna (Anonymous)
[10 - 16] Ballettae à 4 in D major

J. H. Schmelzer (1620 - 1680)
[17 - 19] Sonata ad tabulam in G major
[20 - 27] Balletto 1. di zingari in D minor
      (from No. 3 Balletti duplices)
[28 - 30] Sonata per chiesa e per camera in G major
[31 - 35] Balletti Francesi in A Minor
      (Balletmusik zu M.A. Cestis "Nettuno e Flora festeggianti" 1669)
[36 - 38] Sonata à doi chori in G major
[39 - 45] Arie con la mattacina (D major)

  • “The group play with decorum and grace, never overstating their case but never allowing the music to pale … it is a performance that wears well …   The sound … is pleasingly natural and refined, with a good sense of space, depth, and ambience … there is no denying the superiority of Chesky's sound.”
    - Sensible Sound

  • “Ars Antiqua Austria … has managed to pull off a recording of the familiar Bach suites which keeps all the original conditions, breaks all the layered-on-through-the-ages rules, and emerges as one of the freshest interpretations of any Baroque work we've heard in a long time …   This release is not only a winner all the way, it whets the appetite for more Baroque a la Chesky.”
    - The Laser Disc Gazette

      This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
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      • Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
      • CD Standard Stereo

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