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Multichannel Super Audio CD
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Bruckner Orchestra Linz
Mozart Choir Linz
Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor

Gustav Holst
The Planets


1. MARS - the Bringer of War
2. VENUS - the Bringer of Peace
3. MERCURY - the Winged Messenger
4. JUPITER - the Bringer of Jollity
5. SATURN - the Bringer of Old Age
6. URANUS - the Magician
7. NEPTUNE - the Mystic

Considered by the classical world as one of the most magnificent works of the 20th century, Chesky Records combines its outstanding recording technique with the renowned Bruckner Orchester Linz to produce an extraordinary recording of The Ptanets by Gustov Hoist.

Brought to you in Super Audio CD Multi-Channel Surround Sound format, this aural spectacular features -

• Maestro Dennis Russell Davies, recognized as one of the most innovative and eclectic conductors in the classical music world.

Bruckner Orchester Linz on location in Austria featuring a full orchestra intended by the composer, creating an assortment of tonal colors and musical effects.

• Special appearance from the choral group Ladies of Mozart Choir Linz.

• Chesky audiophile recording in Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD format.

    This disc contains three separate versions of the same musical program:
  • Direct Stream Digital™ Multi-Channel Suround Sound
  • Direct Stream Digital™ 2-Channel Stereo
  • CD Standard Stereo

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