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David Chesky
PSALMS 4, 5 & 6
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor - Stephen Somary
Cello - Ján Slávik
Clarinet - Matej Drlicka


[1]   PSALM IV

Cello - Ján Slávik

[2]   PSALM V

Clarinet - Matej Drlicka

[3]   PSALM VI
Rage and Despair

Total time: 66:35
Following up from his most recent classical release The Agnostic (CD202), composer David Chesky uncovers the second half to his acclaimed 1998 release Three Psalms for String Orchestra (CD163) entitled Pslams 4, 5, & 6: Remembrance For The Victims Of The Modern Holocausts.

Much in the same fashion as Three Psalms for String Orchestra, David Chesky takes the listener on a dramatic, orchestral journey.   This time focusing on the tragic and dehumanizing effects of ethnic hatred that enables people to kill en masse, as seen in the jewish holocaust, and others since, what David refers to as the "Modern Holocausts."   David argues these holocausts will continue to occur until our innate ability to empathize with our fellow human beings is realized.

David creates a powerful and emotional message by going through three unique phases of human suffering: "Sorrow", "Aftermath" and "Rage and Despair."   The resonance of the dark Cello solo in "Sorrow" recreates the emotions that were felt at this particular stage, while the murky voice of the clarinet generates the feeling of emptiness and mourning in "Aftermath".

Psalms 4, 5 & 6 features the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of conductor Stephen Somary and was recorded in six channels at 96-kHz/24-bits with Chesky's signature single microphone technique.

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