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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Passionskantate) KV. 42

(Quodlibet) KV. 32

Patrick Jaidhauser, Soprano
Andreas Lebeda, Bass
St. Florian Boys Choir
Franz Farnberger, Chorus Master
Ars Antiqua Austria
Gunar Letzbor, Director


[1 - 8] GRABMUSIK (Passionskantate) KV. 42

[9 - 25] GALLIMATHIAS MUSICUM (Quodlibet) KV. 32

Every so often one becomes enchanted by the accomplishments of a true genius. When such a genius is only eleven years of age, we cannot help but to reflect on mankind's wonderful gifts. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart granted the world with a source of pleasure, beauty and inspiration which will be ours to enjoy forever.
- Miguel Kertsman

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