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Igor Stravinsky
C.F. Ramuz

Histoire du soldat
The Soldier's Tale for 3 Actors
& Instrumental Ensemble

Solisti New York
Ransom Wilson ~ Conductor


Solisti New York
Erica Kiesewetter ~ Violin
Judith Sugarman ~ Contrabass
Todd Levy ~ Clarinet
Charles McCracken ~ Bassoon
Christopher Gekker ~ Trumpet
John Rojak ~ Trombone
James Baker ~ Percussion

Ron Bohmer ~ Soldier
Reed Armstrong ~ Devil
Sally Goodwin ~ Narrator

1.   The Soldier's March
2.   On the Bank of a Stream
3.   Airs by a Stream
4.   An Offer from the Devil
5.   The Soldier's March: Reprise
6.   Joseph Tries to Go Home
7.   Pastoral
8.   Confronting the Devil
9.   Pastoral - Conclusion
10. Profiting From the Devil's Book
11. Airs By the Stream: Reprise
12. Joseph Laments His Fate
13. Airs By the Stream: Reprise

14. The Soldier's March: Reprise
15. Coming to Another Land
16. The Royal March
17. An Invitation from the King
      and a Game of Cards with the Devil
18. The Little Concert

Three Dances
19. I.   Tango
20. II.  Valse
21. III. Ragtime

22. The Devil Approaches in Agony
23. The Devil's Dance
24. Little Chorale
25. The Devil's Song
26. Great Chorale
27. A Forbidden Attempt to Go Home Again

28. Triumphal March of the Devil

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