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180g Audiophile LP

The Raven

Rebecca Pidgeon

[LP 115]

Side One:
1. Kalerka
2. The Witchv 3. The Raven
4. You Need Me There
5. Grandmother
6. You Got Me
7. Heart and Mind
Side Two:
1. Her Man Leaves Town
2. Seven Hours
3. Wendy's Style Shop
4. The Height of Land
5. Spanish Harlem
6. Remember Me
Rebecca Pidgeon, vocals, guitar - Joel Diamond, piano
Anthony Coote, guitar, background vocals - George Naha, guitar
Mitch Margold, synthesizer - David Finck, bass - Gary Burke, percussion
Coco Kallis, back up vocals - Paul Miller, back up vocals
Elise Morris, back up vocals - Juliet Haffner, viola - Erik Friedlander, cello
Laura Seaton, violin - Robert Chausow, violin
Rebecca Pidgeon's classic Chesky debut, featuring her stunning version of "Spanish Harlem", reissued on 180g Vinyl!

Reflective yet contemporary, Rebecca's lovely voice rings with honest, unpretentious confidence and vivid tenderness.   While her Celtic melodies set the mood, her lyrics tell stories, full, rich, textured, and open hearted.   This amazing talent makes her U.S. debut with The Raven, a most striking, powerful and fully realized vocal record for Chesky Records.

Recorded February 12th, 14th & 15th 1994 at MasterSound Studios, Queens, NY.   Recorded with minimalist miking techniques and without overdubbing or artificail enhancement to ensure the purest and most natural sound possible.

“… Pidgeon is a clever, surprising songwriter, with a strong command of melody … A major debut and superb recording … a real feast of creativity …” - Jazziz

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