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Light Classics Volume II

Charles Gerhardt conducting


1.   Puccini
Tosca Prelude to Act III

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
David Sellers, Boy Soprano, 4/20/64, London
2.   Moussorgsky
Khovantchina Prelude to Act I

Philharmonic Pops Orchestra, 4/ 15/54, London
3.   Offenbach
Overture to Orpheus In The Underworld

National Philharmonic Orchestra, 9/8/71, London
4.- 6. Verdi
Ballet Music from Aida

National Philharmonic Orchestra, 3/9 & 10/71, London
7.   Binge
Elizabethan Serenade

National Philharmonic Orchestra, 9/71, London
8.   Dvorak
Concert Overture In Natures Realm Op. 91

London Promenade Orchestra, 3/68, London
9.   Kabalevsky
Overture to Colas Breugnon

London Pops Orchestra, 4/17/67, London
10. Smetna
Symphonic Poem The Moldau

National Philharmonic Orchestra, 9/29/71, London

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