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The Meeting of the Waters
Celtic Fantasies by William Vincent Wallace

Rosemary Tuck - Piano

    I am delighted to introduce The Meeting Of The Waters, a CD of William Vincent Wallace's Celtic Fantasies for Piano, performed by internationally acclaimed Australian pianist, Rosemary Tuck.
    This compilation is a celebration of the work of Wallace, a talented musician who is widely recognised as the first great instrumentalist to visit Australia.   It is also a celebration of the considerable talents of Rosemary Tuck, who has rescued these tittle known, but historically significant, works from relative obscurity.
    In celebrating the talents of Wallace, who migrated to Australia from Ireland in 1835, we are also celebrating the historical and cultural ties that continue to link our two nations.
    I look forward to sharing with you the talents of Rosemary Tuck, who has revived the work of William Vincent Wallace, a gifted and controversial musician who left an indelible mark on the early development of Australian music.
    The Hon. Bob Halverson,
    OBE Australian Ambassador to Ireland

1.   The Minstrel Boy and Rory O'More 5.47
2.   The Bard's Legacy 4.28
3.   Coolun, Gary Owen and St Patrick's Day 5.04
4.   The Meeting Of The Waters and Eveleen's Bower 4.59
5.   Melodie Irlandaise 4.35
6.   Annie Laurie 2.43
7.   Roslin Castle and A Highland Lad My Love Was Born 4.13
8.   Homage To Bums: Impromptu on 'Somebody' and '0, For Ane And Twenty Tam' 3.34
9.   The Keel Row 4.01
10. Ye Banks And Braes 3.38
11. Charlie is My Darling and The Campbells Are Comin' 3.58
12. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose and Come O'er The Stream, Charlie 5.40
13. Comin' Thro' The Rye 254
14. The Last Rose Of Summer 4.00
15. Kate Kearny and Tow, Row, Row 5.73
16. Robin Adair 7.12
17. Auld Lang Syne and The Highland Laddie 4.49

Total Time 78:32
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