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"Containing some of the most powerful Gregorian chant, this disc represents the celebration of Lent and Easter on the 5th and 6th centuries"

Pro Cantione Antiqua
James Griffett - Ian Partridge - Gordon Jones
Stephen Roberts - Michael George
James O'Donnell

[1.]   Emendemus in melius
Responsory for the Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wesnesday. Mode II.

[2.]   Attende Domine
Processional Prose for Lent (c.1824)

[3.]   Tibi Domino derelictus est pauper
Gradual for Saturday in the fourth week of Lent. Mode III.

[4.]   Iesu, quadragenariae dicator abstinentiae
Vespers Hymn for Weekdays in Lent (9th-10th century). Mode IV.

[5.]   Audi, benigne Conditor
Ascribed to St. Gregory the Great (6th century)
Vespers Hymn for Sundays in Lent. Mode II.

[6.]   Vexilla Regis prodeunt
Venantius Fortunatus (c.530-c.600)
Vespers Hymn for Holy Week. Mode I.

[7.]   Chants for the Palm Sunday Procession
(i)   Hosanna Filio David
Antiphon for the entry of the clergy, Mode VII.
(ii)   Procedamus in pace
Versicle and Response for the Departure of the Procession
(iii)   Pueri Hebraeorum
Processional Antiphon with Verses from Psalm 23. Mode I
(iv)   Gloria, laus et honor
Theodulphus, Bishop of Orleans (c.760-c.821)
Hymn to Christ the King. Mode I.

[8.]   Christus factus est
Gradual for Palm Sunday. Mode V.

[9.]   Nos autem gloriari oportet
Introit for Thursday in Holy Week (Maundy Thursday). Mode IV.

[10.] Three Antiphons for the Ceremony of the Washing of the Feet or Mandatum
(i)   Postquam surrexit Dominus   Mode IV.
(ii)   Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes?   Mode V.
(iii)   Mandatum novum do vobis   Mode III

[11.] Ubi caritas
Author unknown (Italy, 8th-9th century). Mode VI.

[12.] De Lamentatione Ieremiae Prophatae
First Lamentation for the Office of Tenebrae on Good Friday. Mode VI.

[13.] Tenebrae factae sunt
Fifth Responsory from the Office of Tenebrae on Good Friday. Mode VII.

[14.] Ecce lignum crucis
Celebrant's chant from the ceremony of the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. Mode VI.

[15.] Exsultet iam angelica turba caelorum
the Deacon's Praeconium paschale, or solemn Easter proclamation

[16.] Victimae paschali laudes
ascribed to Wipo (died c.1048)
Sequence for Easter Day. Mode I

[17.] Salve, feste dies
Venantius Fortunatus
Processional Hymn for Easter Day. Mode IV

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