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The Seasons
Piano Sonata in G


"Tchaikovsky committed suicide on St. Petersburg in early November 1893, having regarded writing these piano works as "a chore".   He had been most surprised that they remained among his most popular works throughout his lifetime. "

Angela Brownridge, Piano

The Seasons (1875-6)
[1.]   i.) January - At the fireside
[2.]   ii.) February - Carnival
[3.]   iii.) March - Song of the lark
[4.]   iv.) April - Lily of the Valley
[5.]   v.) May - Starlit nights
[6.]   vi.) June - Barcarolle
[7.]   vii.) July - Song of the reapers
[8.]   viii.) August - Harvest song
[9.]   ix.) September - Hunting song
[10.] x.) October - Autumn song
[11.] xi.) November - "Troika" drive
[12.] xii.) December - Christmas
Piano Sonata in G, Op.37 (1878)
[13.] i.) Moderato e risoluto
[14.] ii.) Andante non troppo
[15.] iii.) Allegro giocoso
[16.] iv.) Allegro vivace
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