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Music of Geoffrey Hanson

London Ripieno Society, Geoffrey Hanson conductor
London Mozart Players, Geoffrey Simon conductor
Pabto Strong tenor - Som Howie clarinet
Sebastian Cornberti cello - Helena Thomson soprano
Sandra Smitn piano - Jonathan Dods organ

Geoffrey Hanson's career as a composer, conductor and organist spans over fifty years.   Here he presents vocal, choral and instrumental pieces with some of the groups with which he has had a long association: the London Mozart Players, and the London Ripieno Society, a choir he founded.   The album features three outstanding soloists in Som Howie, Sebastian Comberti and Pablo Strong, and is conducted by Geoffrey Hanson himself, and Geoffrey Simon.

      Five Nocturnes for Tenor and Chamber Orchestra     16:32
  1. The Evening Primrose     3.05
  2. Airman RFC     2:24
  3. The Piano     3:48
  4. An Appeal to Cats in the Business of Love     2:45
  5. Margaritae Sorori, I.M.     5:30

  6. Concerto for Clarinet and Strings     16:18

  7. Orpheus for Chorus and Piano     6:41

  8. Jubilate Deo (Psalm 100) for Chorus and Organ     3:26

  9. Odyssey: Concerto for Cello and Strings     18:59

      Now Welcom Somer for Unaccompanied Chorus     6:56
10. Now Welcom Somer     1:26
11. Winter is Cold-Hearted     2:27
12. Bed in Summer     0:48
13. Beside the Idle Summer Sea     2:01
14. On the Idle Hill of Summer     2:14

7, 8, 10-14 London Ripieno Society, Geoffrey Hanson conductor
1-6, 9         London Mozart Players, Geoffrey Simon conductor
1-5 Pablo Strong tenor           6 Som Howie clarinet
9 Sebastian Cornberti cello     12-13 Helena Thomson soprano
7 Sandra Smitn piano             8 Jonathan Dods organ

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