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Geoffrey Hanson


Originally released as an SACD by First Impression Music, this disc has been out of print for many years, and Cala Records is pleased to be able to re-release this album of harp solo music played by one of Europe's leading harpists. Isabelle Perrin's name is known throughout the harp world and here she presents a delightful selection of repertoire, from Chinese traditional music to classic pieces by Debussy and specialist harp composers like Carlos Salzedo.

  1. La source ADOLPHE HASSELMANS     4:02
  2. Aria and Rondo Pastoral ANTON ERBERL / W.A.MOZART     9:10
  3. Prelude Op.28 No.15 FREDERIC CHOPIN     6:16
  4. Flowing Stream CHINESE TRADITIONAL     4:46
  5. Sonata in C minor SOPHIA CORRI-DUSSEK     7:25
  6. Chanson dans la nuit CARLOS SALZEDO     3:33
  7. Minstrel's Adieu to his Native Land JOHN THOMAS     8:35
  8. Serenade ELIAS PARISH ALVARS     7:56
  9. Siciliana OTTORINO RESPIGHI     4:38
10. Arabesque CLAUDE DEBUSSY     4:52
11. Oanses sacree et profane CLAUDE DEBUSSY     9:55
      with the Noorthwest Sinfonia, .Christophe Chegnard conductor

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