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Gidi Ifergan guitar

Vast Exponse refers to the internal and external space of reality and creative imagination: the infinite potentiality and clarity of the mind from which compositions and arrangements arise.   Playing these pieces of music made me a participant in the Vast Expanse, connecting with its layers of creative, personal, and cultural landscapes.   Listening to them offers us the possibility to participate in it as well.   Connecting with the Vast expanse allows not only for creativity and expression but also for compassion and empathy when imagining another person's place.   Music has the capacity to invoke such noble feelings.   Within Vast Expanse, we are free to experience and to imagine. - Gidi Ifergan

  1. Cancion de cuna LEO BROUWER     3:46

  2. Ojos brujos LEO BROUWER     2:09

  3. Alfonsina y el Mar ARIEL RAMIREZ arr DYENS     6:07

  4. The Reluctant Bride RALPH TOWNER     4:36

  5. Green and Golden RALPH TOWNER     4:43

  6. Beneath an Evening Sky RALPH TOWNER     6:24

  7. Prelude No.1 in E minor HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS     4:51

  8. Il Romantico ASTOR PIAZZOLLA     5:10

      Lute Suite BWV 997 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH     20:12
  9. i. Prelude     3:37
10. ii. Fuga     7:25
11. iii. Sarabande     4:55
12. iv. Double     4:14

      Track 6. Trumpet Gitai Ifergan

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