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Zoco Duo
Jacob Cordover guitar ~ Laura Karney oboe / cor anglais

About the Recording
Jacob Cordover and Laura Karney bring together the diverse elements of the oboe/cor anglais and guitar in their unusual partnering.   Zoco Duo has been heard in concert in Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA; including performances at the Leicester Festival (UK), Festival Internazionale del Coros (Sardinia, Italy), the Festival de Musique Classique (Midi-Pyrenees, France), Music By The Sea (Bamfield, BC, Canada), and String-139 Festival (Beijing, China).

The Spanish derivative of the Arabic word for market, a ZOCOWSLS a place where a myriad of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the exotic mingled.   It is in this spirit that the oboe/cor anglais and the guitar come together, merging their individual sounds to play an eclectic mix of musical styles.   From Baroque to Romantic, Classical to Contemporary, European to the Americas, Zoco Duo creates an experience full of exotic sounds, musical textures and atmospheres.

The pair met whilst Artists in Residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, and in this setting they first performed together.   The scarcity of repertoire originally written for this combination of instruments has meant that many of the arrangements have been done by the duo themselves.   Inspired by their belief in the development of classical music and the further exploration of musical possibilities that this-combination offers, Zoco Duo has commissioned and premiered several works by both up-and-coming and well established composers and continues to perform a variety of contemporary works.

Over the years, Zoco Duo has studied the historically informed style and performance practice of early 19th century works inspired by Italian opera with specialist Carlo Barone.   By applying bel canto vocal traditions to their performances of early 19th century instrumental music, Zoco Duo has enabled audiences to rediscover the excitement and drama of instrumental music inspired by Italian opera.

Mr Cordover received his formative training in classical guitar with Timothy Kain at the Australian National University School of Music and subsequent post-graduate studies at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya and the Escola Luthier in Barcelona, Spain.
Ms Karney completed her undergraduate studies in oboe under Richard Killmer at the Eastman School of Music in New York and post-graduate studies with Nicholas Daniel at the Hochschule for Musik in Trossingen, Germany.   The duo currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

  l. Café 1930 (Hístoíre du tango)     ASTOR PLAZZOLLA     7:14

      Siete canciones populares españolas     MANUEL DE FALLA     14:23
  2.   i. El paño morurao     2:11
  3  ii. Seguíditta murciana     1:21
  4. iii. Asturiana     2:35
  5. iv. Jota     3:07
  6.  v. Nana     2:02
  7. vi. Canción     1:35
  8. vii. Polo     1:29

      Histories     JACQUES IBERT     7:31
  9.   i. La cage de cristal     1:31
10.  ii. La menense de tortues d'or     3:36
11. iii. Le petit âne blanc     2:23

12. Aranjuez, ma pensée     JOAQUÍN RODRIGO     6:07

13. Grand potpourri Op.126     MAURO GIULIANI     12:00

14. Pompeya (Suite Buenos Aires)     MAXIMO DIEGO PUJOL     3:50

15. Milonga No.5 'dell'emigrante'     FERNANDO CARLOS TAVOLARO     5:02

16. Pièce en forme de habanera     MAURICE RAVEL     3:02

      Tres canciones     JOAQUÍN RODRIGO     7:10
17.   i. Coplas del pastor enamorado     3:33
18.  ii. En Jerez de la Frontera (Doce canciones españolas)     1:16
19. iii. Adela (Doce canciones españolas)     2:20

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