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Jacob Cordover guitar

About the Recording
Multi award-winning Australian guitarist Jacob Cordover pursues an international career while producing recordings both as a soloist and with Rupert Boyd as the Australian Guitar Duo.   In the first of three projected recordings for Cala Records, Jacob presents an eclectic program ranging from Bach through Spanish favourites to contemporary popular songs, the album title being taken from the work by his compatriot Ross Edwards.

Jacob's playing has been lauded for its “consummate artistry” and for having “demonstrated how much poetry and feeling can be obtained from the guitar in the hands of master musicians.”   Cala looks forward to continuing the series of recordings with this fine young artist.

  1. Serenata Española JOAQUIN MALATS     4:05

      Five Bagatelles for Guitar WILLIAM WALTON     14:38
  2.   i. Allegro     3:58
  3.  ii. Lento     3:43
  4. iii. Alia cubana     2:09
  5. iv. Sempre espressivo     2:26
  6.  v. Con slando     2:19

      Three Songs for Guitar TORU TAKEMITSU     11:05
  7.   i. Yesterday (LENNON AND MCCARTNEY)     3:43
  8.  ii. Over the Rainbow (HAROLD ARLEN)     3:18
  9. iii. Londonderry Air (TRAD. IRISH)     4:03

      Blackwattle Caprices ROSS EDWARDS     7:10
10.   i. Andantino molto flessibile     5:72
11.  ii. Vivace     1:58

12. Córdoba ISAAC ALBENIZ     6:55

      Suite BWV 997 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH     22:24 13.   i. Praeludio     4:18
14.  ii. Fuga     7:19
15. iii. Sarabande     5:07
16. iv. Gigue     2:41
17.  v.Doubte     2:56

18. I'm Still Here TOM WAITS AND KATHLEEN BRENNAN     2:24

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