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English Fantasy

Peter Cigleris, clarinet
Antony Gray, piano

English lyricism is to the fore in this collection of pieces by composers who love and understand the clarinet.   Composers of the “English Renaissance” are represented, together with those of the present-day.   All are renowned for their attractive and imaginative scores.

Peter Cigleris is an award-winning British clarinettist, with a formidable orchestral and chamber music background.   Antony Gray is an Australian-born pianist with a large number of recordings of both 19th and 20th Century music to his credit.   Together they bring to life repertoire which deserves wider attention.

[  1.] Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - WILLIAM ALWYN     12:26

        Fetes ChampÍtres - JOHN CARMICHAEL     13:38
[  2.] i Pastorale moderato     3:43
[  3.] ii Passepied moderato     2:19
[  4.] iii Berceuse andante     4:11
[  5.] iv Rigaudon     2:25

        Five Pieces for Clarinet and Piano - CLIVE JENKINS     12:42
[  6.] i Allegro commodo     2:19
[  7.] ii Allegretto ma mesto     2:19
[  8.] iii Adagio molto tranquillo     4:03
[  9.] iv Giocoso     2:02
[10.] v Molto allegro     1:59

        Aria and Finale - JOHN CARMICHAEL     15:42
[11.] i Aria     6:22
[12.] ii Finale     9:20

        Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano - CECIL ARMSTRONG GIBBS     9:01
[13.] i Shadow March tempo di Marcia     2:41
[14.] ii Air andante semplice     3:43
[15.] iii Caprice allegro ma non troppo     2:37

[16.] Fantasy-Sonata - JOHN IRELAND     14:12

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