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Robert Hanson:

Sarah Leonard soprano ~ Johnathan Powell piano
Jane Gordon violin ~ Jan Rautio piano

English composer Robert Hanson was on the staff of Dartington College of the Arts from 1974 until 1990, when he was Acting Head of Music.   This disc pays tribute to two of his colleagues from that time, Roy Truby and Jack Dobbs.   Thanksgiving Music is a response to the death of Truby, setting a variety of texts concerning mourning, loss and transformation.   The Violin Sonata was Hanson's gift to Dobbs on his retirement from Dartington, and incorporates references to the wide range of musical interests that Dobbs possessed.

Hanson's music draws on many sources while speaking with a highly personal voice.   His interest in Webern, Berg and the post-war avant-garde is connected by a lyrical impulse to other English music, and he has evolved his own methods of incorporating tonality and modality into his works.

Thanksgiving Music     39:12
Sarah Leonard soprano, Jonathan Powell piano
1. Remember CHRISTINS ROSETTI     8:33
2. Weep No More JOHN FLETCHER     5:43
3. In Commendation of Music WILLIAM STRODE     13:27
4. Heaven-Haven .GERARD MANLY HOPKINS     3:33
5. Heart's Music CAMPIANíS FIRST BOOK OF AIRS     7:56

Violin Sonata     22:25
Jane Gordon violin, Jan Rautio piano
6. Allegro con brio     5:24
7. Moderato-Presto     6:56
8. Introduction, Passacaglia and Conclusion     10:25

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