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French Music for Alto Saxophone
Michael Ibrahim, saxophone
John Morrison, piano

Canadian saxophonist Michael Ibrahim presents a program of French music for alto saxophone, from a group of composers associated with, and inspired by the great saxophonist Marcel Mule.   Mule reinstated the saxophone as an instrument of study at the Paris Conservatoire in 1942, after Adolphe Sax himself had been the last to teach it in 1871.   This disc revives the important legacy of Mule with a group of characteristically French compositions.


  1. Fantaisie-Impromptu     -     André Jolivet     3:38

      Tableaux de Provence     -     Paule Maurice     15:44
  2. i. Farandole des jeunes filles     2:30
  3. ii. Chanson pour ma mie     1:40
  4. iii. La bohémienne     1:14
  5. iv. Des alyscamps l'âme soupire     4:43

  7. Gavambodi 2     -     Jacques Charpentier     9:34

      Chanson et passepied     -     Jeanine Rueff     2:47
  8. i. Chanson     1:21
  9. ii. Passepied     1:26

      Sonata     -     Fernande Decruck     13:25
10. i. Très modéré, expressif     4:22
11. ii. Andante     2:40
12. iii. Fileuse (Légèrement animé)     1:52
13. iv. Nocturne et finale (Calme, très modéré)     4:31

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