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Zhou Long


Some of the most astonishing and important music being composed today comes from a group of Chinese in their forties.   These composers embody a critical moment for synthesising Western musical techniques and forms with Chinese folk materials.

[1.]   The Ineffable
David Fedele flute / piccolo, William Trigg percussion, Min Xiao-Fen pipa, Ann Yao zheng, Laura Park violin, Chris Finckel cello, Claire Heldrich conductor
[2.]   Wild Grass
Fred Sherry solo cello
[3.]   Five Maskers
Manhattan Brass Quintet
[4.]   Ding
Allen Blustine clarinet, Ann Yao zheng, Donald Palma double bass
Metal, Stone, Silk, Bamboo
[5.]   i. San Xu
[6.]   ii. Zhong Xu
[7.]   iii. Po
David Fedele flute / piccolo, Jean Kopperud clarinet / bass clarinet, William Trigg percussion, Chen Tao dizi / xun, Thomas Chiu violin, Joshua Gorden cello, Claire Heldrich conductor
Music From China, New Music Consort
Manhattan Brass Quintet
Members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic

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