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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

The Warriors

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Geoffrey Simon

Originally recorded for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1989, Cala Records presents the first in its series of SACD Hybrid Surround SACD Logo TM orchestral recordings featuring rare works of well-known composers coupled with their well-known masterpieces.

Percy Grainger was one of the great "originals" of 20th century music. Australian-born, he studied piano with his mother while a boy and later went to Germany where his career as a virtuoso pianist began. Grainger was an inveterate innovator and experimenter in music and the kaleidoscopic aspects of his compositional creativity in highly imaginative works often with unprecedented rhythms, harmonies and scoring are presented in the programme heard here, some of them for the first time on record.

[  1.] The Warriors       17:55

[  2.] Irish Tune from County Derry       5:26

        Danish Folk-Music Suite       18:56
[  3.] i. The Power of Love       3:32
[  4.] ii. Lord Peter's Stable-Boy       2:40
[  5.] ii. The Nightingale and The Two Sisters       4:40
[  6.] iv. Jutish Medley       7:49

[  7.] Hill-Song No. 1       13:10

[  8.] Beautiful Fresh Flower (air. Peter Sculthorpe)       2:34

[  9.] Colleen Dhas       3:04

[10.] Hill-Song No.2       4:47

                Total Time 66:46

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