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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Organ Symphony

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Geoffrey Simon

Tinuke Olafimihan - soprano
Catherine Wyn-Rogers - contralto
Anthony Roden - tenor
Simon Kirkbride - bass
The Hertfordshire, Harlow and East London Choruses
Michael Kibblewhite - director
James O'Donnell - organ

Music came to Saint-Saëns with a ready facility: “I write music as an apple tree produces apples,” he remarked, “and live in music like a fish in water.”   SACD Logo TM He wrote around 170 opus-numbered compositions, and a vast amount of other music besides.   During his long life he was hailed as one of the greatest of French composers and after the first Paris performance of his “Organ” Symphony, Gounod exclaimed, “There goes the French Beethoven!”

The German classics of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schumann were, in fact the formative influences on Saint-Saëns's early development, though later he absorbed not only old French dance forms, but also a considerable leavening of “exotica”, brought about by his constant travelling abroad.

[  1.] Overture to La Princesse Jaune     6:38

         Requiem     35.39
[  2.]     i. Requiem-Kyrie     5:56
[  3.]    ii. Dies Irae     7:27
[  4.]   iii. Rex Tremendae     3:05
[  5.]   iv. Oro Supplex     5:09
[  6.]    v. Hostias     2:53
[  7.]   vi. Sanctus     1:24
[  8.]  vii. Benedictus     1:46
[  9.] viii. Agnus Dei     8:16

         Symphony No.3 in C minor - Organ Symphony     35:52
         James O'Donnell organ
[10.]     i Adagio - Allegro     9:48
[11.]    ii Adagio     10:46
[12.]   iii Allegro     15:14

                Total Time 78:29

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