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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Valley of The Bells

Philharmonia Orchestra
Geoffrey Simon

Gwendolyn Mok ~ piano
Sally Burgess ~ mezzo-soprano

Ravel's status as one of the most popular composers of all time rests to a large extent on the phenomenal success of Bolero (on Cala Records - CACDS4027).   SACD Logo TM Yet there is so much more to this endlessly intriguing man's work than the “seventeen minutes of orchestral tissue without music” - as Ravel wryly described it.   Childhood fantasy, Spain, the Orient, American jazz, the theatre, clockwork toys and all things mechanical, preoccupied Maurice Ravel throughout his life, and echoes of each are to be found in all comers of his music.

He had a simple but striking musical dictum, maintaining there were only two kinds of music: music which pleases, and music which does not.   Ravel's achievements certainly continue to please vast numbers of music lovers, over half a century after his death.   Yet ironically, struck down by a terrible illness in his final years.   Ravel himself lamented, “I have left nothing.   I have not said what I wanted to say.   Alas, I am not one of the great composers!”

[ 1.] Valley of the Bells (arr. Grainger)     5:28

[ 2.] Jeux d'eau (arr. Viacava)     5:34

         Rapsodie espagnole     15:16
[ 3.]   i Prélude à la nuit     4:34
[ 4.]  ii Malagueña     2:07
[ 5.] iii Habanera     2:30
[ 6.] iv Feria     6:03

[ 7.] Le gibet (arr. Goossens)     5:39

         Piano Concerto in G     21:26
[ 8.]   i Allegramente     8:20
[ 9.] Adagio assai     9:10
[10.] Presto     3:55

         Five Popular Greek Melodies     7:00
         Cinq mélodies populaires greques
         * Orchestrated by Ravel
         ** Orchestrated by Manuel Rosenthal
[11.]   i Le reveil de la mariée *     1:16
[12.]  ii Là-bas, vers l'église **     1:28
[13.] iii Quel galant m'est comparable **     0:59
[14.] iv Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques **     2:28
[15.]  v Tout gai! *     0:46

         Mother Goose     16:32
         Ma mère l'oye
[16.]   i Pavane de la belle au bois dormant     1:59
[17.]  ii Petit poucet     3:53
[18.] iii Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes     3:28
[19.] iv Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête     4:03
[20.]  v Le jardin féerique     3:09

                Total Time 77:40

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