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Lebrun Oboe Concertos
Nancy Ambrose King oboe
Janácek Philharmonic ~ Jeremy Swerling conductor

Four of August Lebrun's oboe concerti, two of which are world premiere recordings, are performed on one CD by one the most well known and respected oboe players in the world, Nancy Ambrose King. After Mozart, these works are considered the most compelling classical concertos for the instrument due to their elegance and virtuosity.

Nancy Ambrose King "Marvelously evocative, full of character, sultry and seductive, with a soft-spoken, utterly supple tone, and as musically descriptive as any I have heard... a fine exhibition of thoroughly musical oboe playing." American Record Guide

"Nancy Ambrose King is clearly a skilled musician of great promise, with a sterling technique." - Fanfare

Nancy Ambrose King won the Third New York International Competition for Solo Oboists.   She has appeared as soloist with such orchestras as the Janacek Philharmonic in Ostrava, the Festival Internacionale de Musica Orchestra in Buenos Aires, the New York String Orchestra, the Sinfonia da Camera (Illinois), the Champaign-Urbana Symphony and the American Academy of Music in Rome.   She has been heard on WQXR Radio in New York City and NPR's Performance Today.   She is currently Associate Professor of Oboe at the University of Michigan and First Vice-President of the International Double Reed Society.


Ludwig August Lebrun (1752-1790)

Concerto in G Minor, Andre No.2*
World premiere recording
[1] Allegro
[2] Adagio
[3] Rondo

Concerto in F Major, Sieber No.7
[4] Allegro
[5] Adagio
[6] Rondeau

Concerto in F Major, Sieber No.3* World premiere recording
[7] Allegro
[8] Adagio
[9] Rondeau

Concerto in D Minor, Andre No.1
[10] Allegro
[11] Grazioso
[12] Rondo

Total Time 73:16

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