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Borodin: Requiem, Polovtsian Dances, Suite from Prince Igor
Philharmonia Orchestra - Geoffrey Simon, Conductor

Alexander Borodin's life was a never-ending attempt to reconcile the conflicting demands of a dual career as a creative artist and a highly respected research chemist. It seemed as though the only time he could ever find to write music was when kept away from chemistry through illness; his artistic friends took to asking solicitously after his ill-health in the hope that he might be composing something. With characteristic modesty he regarded himself merely as a musical amateur - an attitude which caused considerable frustration amongst his collegue composers and others who appreciated the magnitude of his talent.

[1] Requiem for Solo Tenor, Men's Chorus and Orchestra (arr Stokowski)

      Polovtsian Dances and Suite from Prince Igor
[2] i. Overture
[3] ii. Chorus of the Polovtsian Maidens
[4] iii. Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens
[5] iv. Polovtsian March
[6] v. Polovtsian Dances

[7] Nocturne from String Quartet No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra (Rimsky-Korsakov)

[8] In the Steppes of Central Asia

      Petite Suite (Glazunov)
[9] i. Au couvent
[10] ii. Mazurka rustique
[11] iii. Mazurka
[12] iv. Rêverie
[13] v. Sérénade
[14] vi. Finale: Scherzo-Nocturne-Scherzo

Total Time: 78:11

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