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The Six String Quartets of
Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen

World Premiere Recording

Allegri String Quartet

A remarkable disc of string quartets in the mould of Mozart and Haydn, but written by a virtually forgotten woman of before our time.

        String Quartet No. 4 in B-flat major
[1.]   i. Cantabile
[2.]   ii. Minuetto

        String Quartet No. 3 in G minor
[3.]   i. Tempo giusto
[4.]   ii. Allegro - sostenuto - allegro - sostenuto

        String Quartet No. 6 in E minor
[5.]   i. Andantino
[6.]   ii.Con brio - minuetto - con brio

        String Quartet No. 1 in E-flat major
[7.]   i. Andante ma con un poco di moto
[8.]   ii. Allegretto

        String Quartet No. 5 in F minor
[9.]   i. Larghetto - allegro - larghetto
[10.] ii. Minuetto

        String Quartet No. 2 in B-flat major
[11.] i. Andantino
[12.] ii. Allegro

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