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French Chamber Music for Woodwinds, Volume Two
William Bennett, flute
Nicholas Daniel, oboe
James Campbell, clarinet
Rachel Gough, bassoon

The complete woodwind chamber music of Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Ravel and Poulenc is represented here in these two important double CD collections. Nearly four and a half hours of music for the price of two discs.

Disc A

[1.]   Introduction and Allegro

[2.]   Pièce en forme de habenera


        Oboe Sonata
[3.]   i. Allegro
[4.]   ii. Scherzo
[5.]   iii. Déploration

        L'invitation au château
        World Premiere Recording
[6.]   i. ACT I: Très animé
[7.]   ii. Modéré
[8.]   iii. Lent
[9.]   iv. ACT II: Valse brillante
[10.] v. Très calme
[11.] vi. Mouvement de valse hésitation
[12.] vii. Tempo di marcia
[13.] viii. Valse des petites taupes
[14.] ix. ACT III: Tango
[15.] x. Très vite et très canaille
[16.] xi. Mouvement de valse hésitation (reprise)
[17.] xii. Appassionato
[18.] xiii. Tempo di Boston
[19.] xiv. Valse brillante
[20.] xv. Tempo di tarantella
[21.] xvi. Polka-finale
[22.] xvii. ACT IV: Presto
[23.] xviii. Follement vite et gai
[24.] xix. Finale

[25.] Villanelle

        Sonata for two clarinets
[26.] i. Presto
[27.] ii. Andante
[28.] iii Vif

        Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano
[29.] i. Presto
[30.] ii. Andante
[31.] iii. Rondo
Disc B

[1.]   i Allegro vivace
[2.]   ii. Divertissement: Andantino
[3.]   iii. Finale: Prestissimo

        Sonata for clarinet and bassoon
[4.]   i. Allegro
[5.]   ii. Romance
[6.]   iii. Finale: Très animé

        Rapsodie nègre, Op. 1
[7.]   i. Prélude
[8.]   ii. Ronde
[9.]   iii. Honoloulou
[10.] iv. Pastorale
[11.] v. Final

        Sonata for clarinet
[12.] i. Allegro tristamente
[13.] ii. Romanza
[14.] iii. Allegro con fuoco

        Mouvements perpétuels
[15.] i. Assez modéré
[16.] ii. Très modéré
[17.] iii. Alerte

        Sonata for flute
[18.] i. Allegro malincolico
[19.] ii. Cantilena: Assez lent
[20.] iii. Presto giocoso

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