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Bliss Choral & Orchestral Works
The London Philharmonic, Michael Kibblewhite
Brian Blessed, orator
East London Chorus, Harlow Chorus, The Hertfordshire Chorus

A milestone in British music combines with a world premiere recording to provide an interesting survey of this unique composer.

[1.]   Investiture Antiphonal Fanfare

[2.]   Prayer of St.Francis of Assisi
        World Premiere Recording

        Morning Heroes
[3.]   i. Hector's Farewell to Andromache
[4.]   ii. The City Arming
[5.]   iii. Vigil
[6.]       The Bivouac's Flame
[7.]   iv. Achilles Goes Forth to Battle
[8.]       The Heroes
[9.]   v. Now, Trumpeter, for thy Close - Spring Offensive
[10.]     Dawn on the Somme

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