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Respighi Orchestral Works
The Philharmonia, Geoffrey Simon

A highly unusual selection of music by the much underrated Italian composer, including a fascinating world premiere of "The Ballad of the Gnomes".

[1.]   The Ballad of the Gnomes
        World Premiere Recording

[2.]   Adagio with Variations for Cello and Orchestra
        Alexander Baillie, cello

        Three Botticelli Pictures
[3.]   i. Spring
[4.]   ii. The Adoration of the Magi
[5.]   iii. The Birth of Venus

        Suite in G Major for Strings and Organ
[6.]   i. Preludio
[7.]   ii. Aria
[8.]   iii. Pastorale
[9.]   iv. Cantico
        Leslie Pearson, organ

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