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and his Symphony Orchestra
STRAVINSKY: Firebird Suite
ENESCO: Rumanian Rhapsodies
DEBUSSY: Nocturnes
WAGNER: Ride of the Valkyries

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Stokowski's 1950 RCA recordings, all with His Symphony Orchestra (selected as usual from the New York virtuosi with whom he often worked) of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and the three Debussy Nocturnes, along with the two Enesco Rumanian Rhapsodies from 1953. Paschal Byme has done his usual fine engineering job and we also thank Mark Obert-Thorn for supplying his own sumptuous transfer of the Stravinsky work.

A special 'Bonus Track' features a previously unreleased 1941 Columbia recording in which Stokowski conducts the All-American Youth Orchestra.

Cala Records is proud to present these recordings remastered to CD standard.


ENESCO (1881-1955)
Rumanian Rhapsodies     22:53
  l. i. No.l in A major     11:23
  2. ii. No.2 in D major     11:29

DEBUSSY (1862-1918)
Nocturnes     26:33
  3. i. Nuages     8:53
  4. ii. Fêtes     6:16
  5. iii. Sirènes     31:23
      with The Robert Shaw Chorale of Women's Voices
      Robert Shaw conductor

STRAVINSKY (1882-1971)
Firebird Suite     21:28
  6. i. Introduction     3:13
  7. ii. Dance of the Firebird     l:11
  8. iii. Round Dance of the Princesses     5:19
  9. iv. Infernal Dance of King Kastchei     4:00
10. v. Berceuse     4:00
11. vi. Finale     3:42

Leopold Stokowski and his Symphony Orchestra

Bonus "Binaural" Track - First Release in any format
WAGNER (1813-1883)
12. Ride of thé Valkyries     4:43

Leopold Stokowski conducting the All-American Youth Orchestra

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