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New York Legends
Chamber Music for Flute

Jeanne Baxtresser, Flute

For Jeanne Baxtresser, former Principal Flute of the New York Philharmonic, this recording is a celebration of collaboration through chamber music.   Each work has been selected not only for its musical worth, but also the opportunity it presented to make music with dear friends.   The performers on this disc shared many years of experience in New York Philharmonic, playing with renowned conductors and great soloists on a daily basis.   They also include great artists outside of the Philharmonic, such as pianists Israels Margalit and Pedja Muzijevic.

This recording is about the joyous experiences that arise from deep long-term musical associations.   Jeanne herself says, “When my colleagues and I combined our efforts, magical things happened without forethought or planning: unforgettable moments of high musical emotion and creativity, each player drawing energy from the collective latent and teamwork of the group.”   From staples of the chamber literature for flute such as the Barber and Copland pieces, to the late eighteenth-century refinement of Devienne and the rare works by Gaubert and Dring, Jeanne Baxtresser presents a recital to delight not just flute enthusiasts but all lovers of exceptionally finely-played chamber music.
[  1.]-[  2.] DEVIENNE
Duo for Flute and Violin C minor, Op.5 No.3       08.20
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Cynthia Phelps, viola

[  3.]-[  5.] DRING
Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano       10.11
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Joseph Robinson, oboe
Pedja Muzijevic, piano

[  6.]-[  8.] GAUBERT
Three Watercolours for Flute, Cello and Piano       16:02
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Alan Stepansky, cello
Pedja Muzijevic, piano

[  9.]          BARBER
Canzone for Flute and Piano, Op.38a       04:16
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Israela Margalit, piano

[10.]-[15.] BARBER
Summer Music for Wind Quintet, Op.31       11:40
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Joseph Robinson, oboe
Stanley Drucker, clarinet - Judith LeClair, bassoon
Philip Myers, French horn

[16.]-[18.] COPLAND
Duo for Flute and Piano       14:38
Jeanne Baxtresser, flute - Israela Margalit, piano

                Total Time 65:26

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