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Stokowski conducts
SAINT-SAËNS: Samson and Delilah Highlights
TCHAIKOVSKY: Eugene Onegin “Tatiana's Letter Scene”

We are pleased to issue our second release of Stokowski conducting music from the opera house - superb recordings of LP highlights made in the 1950s.

Writing about Samson and Delilah in February 1955, The New Records said: “Backed up by excellent soloists, the top-flight NBC Symphony Orchestra and an absolutely stunning recording, Stokowski makes Samson and Delilah a dramatic masterpiece and genuinely thrilling. … The star of the show is Leopold Stokowski … this astounding demonstration of virtuosity can only command respect.”

conducts scenes from French and Russian opera

SAINT-SAËNS Samson and Delilah     62:32
  1] Act 1, Scene 1 Arrêtez, ô mes frères!     8:49
  2] Act 1, Scene 6 Printemps qui commence     5.22
  3] Act 2, Scene 1 Amour! viens aider ma faiblesse!     3:38
  4] Act 2, Scene 2 La victoire facile     6:22
  5] Act 2, Scene 2 Se pourrait-il?     9:28
  6] Act 2, Scene 3 Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix     8:25
  7] Act 3, Scene 1 Vois ma misère     6:25
  8] Act 3, Scene 2 Bacchanale     7:18
  9] Act 3, Scene 3 Gloire à Dagon     6:45
Risë Stevens mezzo-soprano as Delilah
Jan Peerce tenor as Samson
Robert Merrill baritone as the High Priest
The Robert Shaw Chorale
Leopold Stokowski conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra

TCHAIKOVSKY Eugene Onegin     14:03
Tatiana's Letter Scene
10] Act 1, Scene 2 Puskáy pogíbnu ya
Licia Albanese soprano as Tatiana
Leopold Stokowski and his Symphony Orchestra

      Total Time 76:35

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