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Stokowski conducts The New York Philharmonic Volume 3.

This release completes the 1947-49 recordings that Stokowski and the New York Philharmonic made for US Columbia which commenced with Cala CACD0533-34 (Volumes 1 and 2).

This CD reissue of Vaughan Williams' 6th Symphony (newly re-mastered from the original lacquers) marks the first time that this recording has been made internationally available.

Stokowski's fiery performance of Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet now makes its CD debut here, again transferred from the original lacquers by Sony Music Studios, New York, and revealing a depth of sound and dynamic range not evident on its early LP issue.   To complete this release we have three 'live' broadcast performances. Tom Scott's From the Sacred Harp (introduced by the composer) is taken from a rare Stokowski 'V-Disc' and is based on Southern American hymn tunes.   The inclusion of the Haffner Symphony marks the first commercial CD release of Stokowski conducting any of Mozart's symphonies, and Weinberger's most popular work brings the selection to a rousing conclusion.

This is the first CD to be released during the 25th Anniversary Year marking the founding of the Leopold Stokowski Society.   Like the previous two volumes, it reveals some of the most exciting music-making Stokowski ever put onto disc.   As critic Virgil Thomson remarked at the time: "Mr Stokowski's conducting was pure miracle from beginning to end...everything was played with wondrous beauty of sound, with the noblest proportions, with the utmost grandeur of expression."

Symphony No.6 in E minor
World Premiere Recording
Romeo and Juliet-Fantasy Overture
Symphony No.35 in D Haffner
From the Sacred Harp
World Premiere Recording
Polka and Fugue from Schwanda the Bagpiper

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