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Stokowski conducts Scenes from Russian and German Opera

Cala Records, in association with the Leopold Stokowski Society is pleased to issue our first release of Stokowski conducting music from the opera house - stunning recordings of highlights from Boris Godunov and Parsifal made in 1952.   Nicola Rossi-Lemeni gives an outstanding performance as Boris Godunov - a role he had just played in the theatre to great acclaim.   He was immediately hailed as the greatest Boris since Chaliapin.

The Parsifal music comes from Act 3 and is played by a specially selected orchestra of top-flight New York musicians.   Both recordings derive directly from copies of the RCA master-tapes originally supplied to the Leopold Stokowski Society and dell'Arte Records.

A rare example of Stokowski conducting opera.   Sure to please fans of Stokowski.

MUSSORGSKY Boris Godunov 51:45
Nicola Rossi-Lemeni bass as Boris Godunov and Vaarlam the Friar
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
San Francisco Opera Chorus, Kurt Herbert Adler chorus director
Leopold Stokowski conductor
1   Prologue, Scene 1: In the courtyard of the Novodevichy Monastery near Moscow 3:02
2   Prologue, Scene 1: Chorus of Wandering Pilgrims 3:05
3   Prologue, Scene 2: Coronation Scene 5:57
4   Act 1, Scene 1: Monks chanting in the Chudov Monastery 3:35
5   Act 1, Scene 2: An inn on the Lithuanian frontier (orchestral introduction) 1:07
6   Act 1, Scene 2: Varlaam's Song 2:05
7   Act 2: The Royal Apartments in the Kremlin (Boris's Monologue) 5:37
8   Act 2: Clock Scene 3:40
9   Act 3, Scene 2: The gardens of the castle at Sandomir (Polonaise) 3:15
10 Act 4, Scene 1: A forest clearing near Kromy (Revolutionary Scene) 6:35
          Lawrence Mason tenor as the Simpleton
          San Francisco Boys' Chorus, Madi Bacon director
11 Act 4, Scene 2: In the Palace of the Kremlin (Farewell and Death of Boris) 10:27
          Raymond Cauwet boy soprano as Feodor

WAGNER Parsifal 27:50
Leopold Stokowski and his Symphony Orchestra
12 "Good Friday Spell" 11:07
13 Symphonic Synthesis of Act 3 (arr. Stokowski) 16:40

          Total Time 79:34

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