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Stokowski conducts A French Concert

In 1964, Stokowski began recording for Decca's celebrated Phase 4 audiophile label.   He was by now a legendary octogenarian but although he had been active in the recording studios since 1917, there were still some curious gaps in his discography.   Some of these he filled with his Phase 4 recordings … in stereo!

[1.  ]RAVEL  Fanfare from L'Eventail de Jeanne
Leopold Stokowski conducts the Hilversum Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
[2.  ]CHOPIN  Mazurka in A minor, Op.17 No.4 (orch. Stokowski)
MESSIAEN  L'Ascension - Four Symphonic Meditations
[3.  ]i.Majesté du Christ demandant sa gloire à son Père
Majesty of Christ beseeching His Glory of the Father
[4.  ]ii.Alléluias sereins d'une âme qui désire le ciel
Serene Alleluias of a Soul yearning for Heaven
[5.  ]iii.Alléluia sur la trompette, alléluia sur la cymbale
Alleluia on the trumpet, Alleluia on the cymbal
[6.  ]iv.Prière du Christ montant vers son Père
Prayer of Christ ascending to His Father
[7.  ]DUPARC  Extase (orch. Stokowski)
David Gray solo horn
Leopold Stokowski conducts the London Symphony Orchestra
FRANCK  Symphony in D minor
[8.  ]i.Lento - Allegro non troppo
[9.  ]ii.Allegretto
[10.]iii.Allegro non troppo
Leopold Stokowski conducts the Hilversum Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

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