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Stokowski conducts Elgar and Brahms

Stokowski conducts two landmark recordings of core English and German repertory from his association with The London Symphony Orchestra and The Czech Philharmonic. Performances from 1972 of undiminished ebullience stereo!

ELGAREnigma Variations, Op. 36
[1.  ]Theme(Enigma) Andante
[2.  ]Var. 1(C.A.E.; Caroline Alice Elgar, the composers wife) L'istesso tempo
[3.  ]Var. 2(H.D.S.-P.; Hew David Steuart-Powell ) Allegro
[4.  ]Var. 3(R.B.T.; Richard Baxter Townshend) Allegretto
[5.  ]Var. 4(W.M.B.; William Meath Baker) Allegro di molto
[6.  ]Var. 5(R.P.A.; Richard Penrose Arnold) Moderato
[7.  ]Var. 6(Ysobel; Isabel Fitton) Andantino
[8.  ]Var. 7(Troyte; A. Troyte Griffith) Presto
[9.  ]Var. 8(W.N.; Winifred Norbury) Allegretto
[10.]Var. 9(Nimrod; A.J. Jaeger) Adagio
[11.]Var. 10(Dorabella; Dora Penny) Intermezzo: Allegretto
[12.]Var. 11(G.R.S.; George Robertson Sinclair) Allegro di molto
[13.]Var. 12(B.G.N.; Basil G. Nevinson) Andante
[14.]Var. 13(***; Lady Mary Lygon) Romanza: Moderato
[15.]Var. 14(E.D.U.; the composer) Finale: Allegro - Presto
Leopold Stokowski conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
BRAHMSSymphony No.1 in C minor, Op. 68
[16.]i.Un poco sostenuto - Allegro
[17.]ii.Andante sostenuto (Violin Solo: John Georgiadis)
[18.]iii.Un poco allegretto e grazioso
[19.]iv.Adagio - Allegro non troppo ma con brio
Leopold Stokowski conducts the London Symphony Orchestra

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