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New York Legends
with principal players from the
New York Philharmonic

Joseph Alessi, Trombone

Cala Records presents the second in the twelve compact disc series New York Legends, featuring Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombonist from the New York Philharmonic. His style and his seamless interplay between classical and jazz techniques perfectly suits the repertoire on this disc, as he effortlessy explores the full range of the trombone.

[1.  ]BERNSTEINElegy for Mippy II
for Solo Trombone
[2.  ] - [4.  ]PEASLEEArrows of Time
for Trombone and Piano
[5.  ]RUSHRebellion
for Trombone, Piano and Percussion
[6.  ] - [8.  ]EWAZENSonata for Trombone and Piano
[9.  ]MASSENETMeditation from Thaïs
for Trombone and Harp
[10.]ROPARTZConcert Piece for Trombone and Piano
[11.]BERNSTEINWaltz for Mippy III for Tuba and Piano
Warren Deck, Principal Tuba,
New York Philharmonic
[12.] - [14.]Arr. ELKJERTribute to J.J. Johnson for 5 Trombones,
Piano, Percussion and Double Bass
Virginia Perry Lamb, piano - Jonathan Feldman, piano
John McNeely, piano - Barbara Allen, harp
Christopher Lamb, percussion - Drew Gress, bass
Jim Sapporito, congas - John Riley, drums
Jim Pugh, trombone - Ed Neumeister, trombone
Dave Taylor, trombone - Keith O'Quin, trombone

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