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Geoffrey Simon, conductor

The Artists
Isabelle Perrin principal; Catherine Beynon, Gabriella Dall'Olio,
Virginie Gout-Zschäbitz, Claire Jones, Ieuan Jones, Skaila Kanga,
Jung Wha Lee, Ghislaine Petit-Volta, Charlotte Seale, Ernestine Stoop,
Nicolas Tulliez, Karen Vaughan, Catherine White, Suzanne Willison
Geoffrey Simon conductor
Richard Bissill, Tony Rickard, Paul Sarcich arrangers
Gwilym Simcock commissioned work
Tim Handley, Phil Rowlands producers

The London Harp Sound is the latest addition to the best-selling London Sound Series.   Sixteen of the world's finest harpists worked with leading London composers and arrangers to produce a uniquely creative album.   From classical music to Latin, popular and jazz, the performers responded to the incredible sonority of the massed harps, and this engaging CD is a display vehicle for their talent and virtuosity.

Geoffrey Simon, Artistic Director Cala Records

  1. Prelude a I'apres-midi d'un faune   DEBUSSY     8:56
      Les Chansons du Piaf     8:24
  2.       i. La vie en rose   GUGLIEMI     3:14
  3.       ii. L'hymne a I'amour   MONNOT     2:44
  4.       iii. Non, je ne regrette rien   DUMONT     2:25
  5. Muo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)   TRAD.     3:36
  6. Prelude in F minor   BACH     4:32
  7. My Baby Just Cares for Me   KAHN/DONALDSON     3:32
  8. The Windmills of Your Mind   LEGRAND     4:27
  9. Lullaby   BRAHMS     2:15
10. Un bal (from Symphonic fantastique)   BERLIOZ     6:09
11. Andalucia   LECUONA     3:33
12. Lady of the Lake   SIMCOCK     7:05
13. The Music of the Night   LLOYD WEBBER     4:46
      La Ragazza   ANDRES     9:35
14.       i. Andantino     2:28
15.       ii. Larghetto-Allegretto     1:44
16.       iii. Allegro Moderato-AlIegretto     3:16
17.       iv. Moderato     2:07
      Total Time     67:22

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