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Baby Cello
London Cello Sound
Conducted by Geoffrey Simon

The only sound in the world that could be more calming to a baby than mother's singing is the soothing sound of 24 cellos.

Baby Cello offers the rich, velvety smooth music of Cala's world-renowned orchestra of 24 cellos, The London Cello Sound, arranged specifically for listening during those special times when mother and child need the calm and serenity that only beautiful music can provide.

Baby Cello is the ultimate in music for infant, toddler and mother, combining soothing classical music with familiar jazz and folk melodies.

  1 The Swan (SAINT-SAËNS)
  2 Ave Maria (SCHUBERT)
  3 Greensleeves (TRAD.)
  4 Black Orpheus Manhă de Carnaval (BONFÁ)
  5 The Dove La Paloma (YRADIER)
  6 Vocalise (RACHMANINOV)
  7 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (TCHAIKOVSKY)
  8 El Condor Pasa (TRAD.)
  9 Begin the Beguine (PORTER)
10 A Child's Folksong Modinha (VILLA-LOBOS)
11 Farewell to Cuba (CERVANTES)
12 Guest Track—48 Violins
      Songs My Mother Taught Me (DVORÁK)
13 Guest Track—48 Violas
      Blessing Kiddush (WEILL)
14 Guest Track—9 Double Basses
      Satin Doll (ELLINGTON)
15 The Girl from Ipanema (JOBIM)
16 Coventry Fantasy (RUNSWICK)

      75 Minutes of music!

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