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O Sweet Woods
Irish and Scottish airs

Meredith Hall, soprano
Matthew White, countertenor
Michael Slattery, tenor
La Nef ~ Skye Consort

ACD2 3012

• The Scottish and Irish airs and instrumental pieces chosen for this new collection were selected from previous ATMA Classique recordings by singers Meredith Hall, Matthew White, and Michael Slattery, along with ensembles La Nef and Skye Consort.

• The lyrics of traditional Scottish and Irish songs from the 17th and 18th centuries are closely related to the social life of the time, and several airs tell the stories of love between lads and lassies.   Tenor Michael Slattery sings John Dowland's songs with an Irish flavor, White soprano Meredith Hall and countertenor Matthew White perform Scottish music from the era of the famous Killiecrankie battle.

• Directed by Sylvain Bergeron and Matthew White respectively, the musicians of La Nef and the Skye Consort draw inspiration from both early and traditional music.   They collaborate with musicians and artists from a wide range of disciplines, depending on the repertoire.

  1. Lumps o’ Puddin | Jenny Nettles (TRAD.) M. White | La Nef - 3:52
  2. Leezie Lindsay (TRAD.) M. White | M. Hall | La Nef - 3:18
  3. Craigieburn Wood (R.BURNS) M Hall | La Nef - 4:37
  4. Say, Love if Ever Thou Didst Find (J.DOWLAND) M. Slattery | La Nef - 2:56
  5. Away with These Self-Loving Lads (J.DOWLAND) La Nef - 1:51
  6. The Dewy Dells of Yarrow (TRAD.) M. White | Skye Consort - 2:45
  7. Scots wha hae wi’ Wallace bled (TRAD.) M.White | M.Hall | La Nef - 2:30
  8. O Sweet Woods (J.DOWLAND) M. Slattery | La Nef - 2:50
  9. Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (S. Gow) |
      The Lowlands of Holland (TRAD.) M. Hall | La Nef - 7:29
10. Matt Highland (TRAD.) M. White | Skye Consort - 5:33
11. Kemp's Jig | Mistress Winters Jump | My Lady Hunsdon's Puff (TRAD.) La Nef - 3:29
12. Bonny Barbry O (TRAD.) M. White | M. Hall | La Nef - 3:16
13. A Galliard (J.DOWLAND) La Nef - 1:45
14. Time Stands (J.DOWLAND) M. Slattery [ La Nef - 3:03
15. Ye banks and Braes (TRAD.) M. Hall | La Nef - 2:22
16. Sonata on “Bonny Jean of Aberdeen” (A. MUNRO) La Nef - 5:06

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