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Suzie LeBlanc
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ACD2 3011

• For a musical adventure, ATMA Classique proposes a jaunt to Quebec and into the world of Acadian traditional music with a festive compilation of Turluttes (wordless songs), reels, waltzes, and folksongs.   Featuring recently recorded tunes from ATMA Classique recordings, the music selected for this celebration of Quebec and Acadian culture is performed by the likes of Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer, La Nef, and soprano Suzie LeBlanc.

• Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer is a group of five traditional singers.   The originality of their approach is revealed in their sensitive way of making their repertoire contemporary, thereby assuring the continuity of this legacy of song.

• The ensemble La Nef draws inspiration from both early and contemporary music and, depending on the nature of each project, calls upon musicians and artists of all kinds.

• While soprano Suzie LeBlanc is usually found in the early music world, she can also be found in her not-so-secret garden cultivating the songs of her native Acadia.

  1. Reels Cote-Benoit-Leblanc [ Joli Bois ]     3:43
  2. Turlutte et reel [ Les Charbonniers De l'Enfer|La Nef ]     4:35
  3. Valse d'Emile Benoit [ La Nef ]     2:34
  4. Comment veux-tu que je t'embrasse | Valse De 'Cadien [ Suzie LeBlanc • Chris Norman |Joli Bois ]     3:50
  5. The Bedding Of The Bride, La Disputeuse, Keep It Up ! [ Joli Bois ]     3:09
  6. Reel a bouche|Dans Paris y'a t'une brune [ Normand Miron • Les Charbonniers De l'Enfer|La Nef ]     5:33
  7. Dans les prisons de Nantes [ Normand Miron • Les Charbonniers De l'Enfer|La Nef ]     5:24
  8. L'alouette et le poisson|Pigeon On The Gate [ Suzie LeBlanc|Joli Bois ]     4:04
  9. Ernie Arsenault's Favourite|The Draggers Reel [ Joli Bois ]     2:26
10. A Saint-Malo, Laride De Pontivy, Rond De Loudeac [ Joli Bois ]     3:33
11. Le navire de Bayonne [ Michel Bordeleau • Les Charbonniers De l'Enfer | La Nef ]     5:59
12. Quand j'ai parti du Canada [ Suzie LeBlanc | Joli Bois ]     4:24
13. Valse D'Evangeline|Acadiana Two Step [ Joli Bois ]     3:42

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