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The Mariage collection offers two of the most celebrated wedding marches of the Romantic repertoire, one by Richard Wagner and the other by Felix Mendelssohn, played on the magnificent organ of the Oratoire Saint-Joseph in Montreal by Philippe Bélanger.

Listeners will also discover the dazzling voices of Marc Hervieux, Karina Gauvin, Suzie Leblanc, and Daniel Taylor singing classic airs which can enhance any wedding ceremony, or recall fond memories

  1. Marche nuptiale [Mendelssohn, Felix]    2:26
  2. Carillon de Westminster [Vierne, Louis] 7:04
      Philippe Bélanger, organ

  3. Panis Angelicus [Franck, César] 4:03
      Marc Hervieux, tenor / Régis Rousseau, organ

  4. Ave Maria [Schubert, Franz] 5:17
      Marc Hervieux, tenor / Jennifer Swartz, harp

  5. Trumpet Voluntary [Clarke, Jeremiah] 3:13
      Stéphane Beaulac, trumpet / Vincent Boucher, organ

  6. Domine Deus (Gloria RV 120) [Vivaldi, Antonio] 4:06
      Suzie LeBlanc, soprano / Académie Baroque de Montréal, Weimann

  7. Canon en ré majeur [Pachelbel, Johann] 5:23
      Les Violons du Roy, Bernard Labadie

  8. Et in Terra (Gloria in excelsis Deo) [Handel, George Frideric] 2:45
      Suzie LeBlanc, soprano / Académie Baroque de Montréal, Alexander Weimann, conductor

  9. Trumpet Tune [Purcell, Henry] 3:00
      Stéphane Beaulac, trumpet / Vincent Boucher, organ

10. Caro! Bella! (Giulio Cesare. HWV 17) [Handel, G F] 4:47
      Suzie LeBlanc, soprano / Daniel Taylor, countertenor / Arion, Stubbs

11. Sweet bird, that shun'st the noise of folly (L'Allegro…) [Handel] 11:29
      Karina Gauvin, soprano / Tempo Rubato, Alexander Weimann

12. Marche nuptiale [Wagner, Richard] 3:01
      Philippe Bélanger, organ

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