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ACD2 3006
A special E-PakTM collection of masterpieces from the ATMA catalogue, offered at a special price

o Naturally… the title says it all. ATMA Classique's Naturally series features great performances of great music in an eco-friendly format.
o Packaging for these special E-PakTM editions is minimal and forest-friendly, containing 100% recycled material and absolutely no plastic.
o Bonus material has been added to the original contents to provide maximum CD playing time.
o The six titles in the Naturally collection are offered for a limited time at a special price.

o 3006 Naturally Telemann includes a Suite and Concertos for flute and violin, played by Francis Colpron and Manfred Kraemer with Les Boréades; a Cantata sung by Monika Mauch with Ensemble Caprice; and Caprice playing a Sonata in B-flat. [76:52 minutes]

Concerto pour flûte à bec, viole de gambe et basse continue en la mineur
Concerto for recorder, viola da gamba, strings and basso continue in A minor
    [ 16:52]
  1. Grave [4:18]       2. Allegro [4:28]       3. Dolce [3:46]     4. Allegro [4:20]

Concerto à 6 pour flûte traversière, violon principal, cordes et basse continue en mi mineur
Concerto a 6 for traverse flute, principal violin, strings and basso continuo in E minor
  5. Allegro [2:58]       6. Adagio [2:17]       7. Presto - Adagio-Allegro [4:50]

Ouverture et suite pour flûte à bec, cordes et basse continue en la mineur
Overture and Suite for recorder, strings and basso continuo in A minor
  8. Ouverture [10:36]       9. Les Plaisirs [3:37]     10. Air à L'italien [7:19]
11. Menuets I et II [3:23]     12. Réjouissance [2:33]     13. Passepieds I et II [2:39]
14. Polonaise [3:59]

Cantate «Seele, lerne dich erkennen»     [10:35]
15. Air «Seele, lerne dich erkennen!» [4:32]
16. Récit. «Ein Vögelchen, dem noch die Glieder zu zart und weich» [2:06]
17. Air «So will ich dich mit Freuden küssen» [3:57]

Sonate en si bémol majeur «Der getreue Musikmeister» | Sonata in B fiat major     [7:06]
18. Affetuoso [1:35}     19. Allegro [1:28]     20. Andante [2:23]     21. Presto [1:40]

  1 - 14 Les Boréades
            Manfred Kraemer VIOLON | VIOLIN JACOBUS STAINER 1665

15 - 17 Monika Mauch SOPRANO
            Ensemble Caprice • Matthias Maute

18 - 21 Ensemble Caprice

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