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ACD2 3003
A special E-PakTM collection of masterpieces from the ATMA catalogue, offered at a special price

o Naturally… the title says it all. ATMA Classique's Naturally series features great performances of great music in an eco-friendly format.
o Packaging for these special E-PakTM editions is minimal and forest-friendly, containing 100% recycled material and absolutely no plastic.
o Bonus material has been added to the original contents to provide maximum CD playing time.
o The six titles in the Naturally collection are offered for a limited time at a special price.

o 3003 Naturally Schubert includes the Trout quintet with the Chamber Players of Canada; Shepherd on a Rock sung by Aline Kutan with André Moisan and Louise-Andrée Baril; and two lieder in transcriptions by Liszt, played by David Fray.     [76:14 minutes]

Quintette avec piano en la majeur, D 667« La Truite »     [38:48]
Piano Quintet in A major, D667 “The trout”
  1.   I. Allegro vivace     [13:13]
  2.  II. Andante     [7:06]
  3. III. Scherzo (Presto) - Trio - Scherzo da capo     [4:18]
  4. IV. Tema (Andantino) con variazioni - Allegretto     [7:45]
  5.  V. Finale: Allegro giusto     [6:26]

Adagio et Rondo concertant en fa majeur, D 487     [14:24]
Adagio and Rondo Concertante in F major, D 487
  6. Adagio     [4:50]
  7. Rondo (Allegro vivace)     [9:31]

  8. Der Hirt auf dem felsen | Le pâtre sur le rocher | The Shepherd on the rock     [11:41]

Lieder Transcriptions
  9. Du Bist die Ruh | Tu es ma paix | You are My Serenity     [6:24]
10. Der Doppelgänger | Le Double | The Ghostly Double     [5:20]

  1 - 7 Les Chambristes du Canada | The Chamber Players of Canada
           Andrew Tunis PIANO • Andrew Dawes VIOLON | VIOLIN
           Guylaine Lemaire ALTO | VIOLA • Julian Armour VIOLONCELLE | CELLO
           Murielle Bruneau CONTREBASSE | DOUBLE BASS

  8 Aline Kutan SOPRANO
      Andre Moisan CLARINETTE | CLARINET • Louise-Andre Baril PIANO

  9 - 10 David Fray PIANO

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