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• Originally these lieder were not intended to be sung in concert halls, but in private salons.   People bought the sheet music and sang it at home.   The songs were therefore interpreted by ordinary singers.   When I understood this, I really began to love them.” - Lewis Furey

• Well-known for his collaborations with Leonard Cohen and Carole Laure, author-composer-performer Lewis Furey has immersed himself in Brahms' music for more than a decade.   The result is Haunted by Brahms, Furey's very personal take on the composer's lieder.   As he says: “As a singer/songwriter I became fascinated by the quality, the regularity, and the longevity of Brahms' production as well as the unique combination of profundity and accessibility in his music.”   Furey has selected 16 of Brahms' lieder, adapted and translated them from German to English, and sings them in his own way, accompanying himself on a Fazioli piano.   Recorded in Montreal's intimate Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur.

• From 2010 until 2014 Lewis returned to the stage with Selected Songs Recital, which he toured extensively.   In 2016–2017 he created Lewis Furey Sings Brahms at the Outremont Theatre in Montréal.

• As lyricist and composer, he has recorded three solo albums, Lewis Furey (1975), The Humours of… (1976) and The Sky Is Falling (1979).   He also wrote and produced Carole Laure's recordings: Alibis (1978), Western Shadows (Prix Charles Cros 1989), She Says Move On (1991) and Sentiments naturels (Félix Prize ADISQ 1998).

• Furey has written more than 20 film scores (amongst which Fantastica, La Tête de Normande St-Onge) and was awarded three Canadian Screen Awards for his compositions.   He directed two feature films: Rats and Rabbits, from a screenplay by George F. Walker (2000), and Night Magic, a musical with lyrics by Leonard Cohen, which was premiered in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 1985.


1. Just a Feeling (2:08)
(Wie Maloden) zieht es mir - Op. 105 No. 1)

2. The Secret (2:22)
(Geheimnis - Op. 71 No. 3)

3. My Songs (2:09)
(Meine Lieder Op. 106 No. 4)

4. Diamonds (l:14)
(Schön war, das ich dir weihte Op. 95 No. 7)

5. Crossroads (2:34)
(Ein Wanderer - Op. 106 No.5)

8. To the Moon (2-39)
(An den Mond - Op. 71 No. 2)

7. Voices (2:30)
(Lerchengersong - Op.70 No 2)

6. Lullaby & Goodnight (2:11)
Wiegenlied - Op. 49 No. 4)

9. Rain (l:35)
(Nachklang Op. 59 No.4)

10. 0ver the lake (2:03)
(Uber die Heide - Op. 86 No. 4)

11. Gone. you are gone (3:06)
(Mogelonc cycle, MUSS es eine Trennung geben - Op. 33 No.12)

12. Sweet Surrender (2:57)
(Dammung senkte sich von oben - Op. 59 No 1)

13. 01d Love (3:01)
(Alte Liebe – Op. 72 No.1)

14. We thought that death… (Autunm Mood) (3:10)
(Herbstgefühl - Op. 48 No.1)

15. Forget You (2:03)
(Ncht mehr zu dir zu gahen - Op. 32 No.2)

16. Ever Deeper Dovn (3:l4)
(Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer - Op. 106 No. 2)

17. Haunted (3:11)
Words & Music: by / Paroles et musique de Lewis Furey
(“The Humours of…”)

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