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Founded in 2008 by musicologist Pascale Duhamel, Ensemble Scholastica is a female vocal ensemble based in Montréal, the only one that specializes in the performance of medieval plainchant and polyphony (circa 800-1300 A.D.).   The ensemble is currently directed by leading medieval music specialist Rebecca Bain.

In recent years, Ensemble Scholastica has been involved with several projects, including collaborations with the baroque ensemble Les Idées Heureuses, with the goal of expanding its repertoire's time frame.   The music of New France will be a particular focus in the future.

Montreal's female vocal group Ensemble Scholastica makes its ATMA Classique recording debut with Ars elaboratio, a program of newly composed elaborations on medieval liturgical songs.   The original songs were chosen from the medieval plainchant repertoire in homage to the group's favourite saints: Scholastica, champion of education; Cecilia, patron saint of music; Catherine of Alexandria, champion of justice and female wisdom; and Saint John the Baptist, patron to the ensemble's home province of Québec.

Through the medieval art of elaboration, in which singers improvise their own embellishments within existing plainchant, Ensemble Scholastica offers a new approach to the quest for authentic performance practise.   Plainchant selections on this recording might include elaborated passages of 2, 3 or even 4-voice polyphony.

  1. | Celsa sécréta in columbe specie [verset/verse: CG]     4:08
        Antienne / Antiphon: Benevento, Biblioteca Capitolare 2]

  2. | Alléluia. Addueentur régi virgines [organum: RB; motet: EE, AT]     9:17
        Alléluia: Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibl. 121

  3. | Sancti baptiste [CH, AT]     7:23
        Séquence; St.Gall, Stiftsbibl. 546

  4. | Dilexisti iustitiam [tropes: RB, JF]     4:40
        Introït: Einsiedeln, Stiftsbibl. 121

  5. | Velox impulit / Hic leta canit /Vestiunt silve / MULIERUM     3:08

  6. | Cantantibus organis [tropes: ASdS; verset / verse: AT]     11:31
        Réponds / Responsory: St.Gallen, Stiftsbibl, Cod. Sang. 391

  7. | Quinque prudentes virgines [tropes: EE]     4:45
        Communion: Einsiedein, Stiftsbibl. 121

  8. | Ad sit Johannis baptiste [RB, CH, AT]     4:10
        Versus: Paris B.N. Fonds latin 3549

  9. | Dum aurora finem daret (verset / verse: CLD]     3:48
        Antienne / Antiphon:
        KIosterneuburg, Augustiner-Chorherrenstiftsbibl., 1012

10. | Benedicamus Domino. Tu lux refulge [EE, AT]     5:03

11. | Claris vocibus [CH]     3:30

12. | Claris vocibus [RB, AT)     5:40
        Séquence: Oxford, Bodl. Lib. Bodiey 775

13. | Benedicamus Domino. Laudamus Dominum [incipit: MR]     5:11

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