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Kovács | Golijov | Prokofiev | Ichmouratov

André Moisan | clarinet
Jean Saulnier | piano
Quatuor Molinari

ACD2 2738

• Clarinettist André Moisan, pianist Jean Saulnier, and the Molinari Quartet immerse themselves in the poignant and festive world of klezmer music.   Their new recording “Klezmer Dreams” includes Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op. 34 by Prokofiev, One Day of an Almost Ordinary Life by Airat Ichmouratov, Sholem-alekhem, rov Feidman! by the Hungarian composer Béla Kovács and Osvaldo Golijov’s enigmatic The Dreams and Prayer of Isaac the Blind.

• Since 1977, André Moisan has been performing in public as a soloist, a chamber musician, and as a member of the MSO, establishing an international reputation for his mastery of his instrument.   He has recorded eight discs as soloist on the ATMA Classique label, all of which have won praise from critics around the world.   He has been a professor at the Université de Montréal since 1989.

• Jean Saulnier has an active career as a soloist, chamber musician and pedagogue.   He has recorded several major works of chamber music with André Moisan on the label ATMA Classique.

• Recipient of eighteen Opus Prizes awarded by the Quebec Music Council the Molinari Quartet is described as an “essential,” “prodigious” ensemble, and “Canada’s answer to the Kronos or Arditti Quartet”.

BÊLA KOVÂCS (Né en / b. 1937)
1. Sholem-alekhem, rov Feidman! [5:34]
pour clarinette et piano / for clarinet and piano

OSVALDO GOLIJOV (Né en / b. 1960)
The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac thé Blind
pour clarinette et quatuor à cordes / for clarinet and string quartet
2. I. Prélude: Caimo, sospeso - Agitato-con fucco - Maestoso - Senza misura oscillante [12:44]
3. II. Teneramente - Ruvido - Presto [11:19]
4. III. Caimo : Sospeso - Allegro pesante [8:06]
5. Postlude: Lento, liberamente [3:01]

6. Ouverture sur des thèmes juifs, op. 34 / Overture on Hebrew Thèmes, Op. 34 [9:07]

AIRAT ICHMOURATOV (Né en / b. 1973)
7. One Day of an Almost Ordinary Life [19:06]
pour clarinette et quatuor à cordes / for clarinet and string quartet

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