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Marianne Trudel
Dans la forêt de ma mémoire

Ingrid Jensen, trumpet ; Anne Schaefer, voice ; Marianne Trudel, piano
Christine Jensen, conductor

ACD2 2730
• This album is a live recording of the concert Femmes de jazz, (Women of jazz) which was presented at L’Astral in Montréal on May 1, 2014 by the Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal (National Jazz Orchestra) under the direction of Christine Jensen.   The concert featured the world premiere of Marianne Trudel's work Dans la forêt de ma mémoire, which was composed for the occasion.

• Over the past 15 years, Marianne Trudel has become an important pianist and composer in the world of music, particularly in the jazz scene.   Dans la forêt de ma mémoire, a suite in six movements clearly demonstrates Marianne Trudel's open and inclusive approach to the vast world of music.   She has succeeded in creating an organic work rooted in jazz, and showing multiple influences, including those of improvised, contemporary, world, and classical music.   The result is complete, original, inspired, and extremely lively.

• Singer Anne Schaefer is also heard in Trudel's work singing haunting melodies.   Ingrid Jensen, a trumpeter who is world-renowned for her virtuosity and sensitivity, also joined the celebration.   Marianne Trudel also invited Robbie Kuster, an exceptional drummer, to take part in the performance of her work.

• The primary mission of the Orchestre national de Jazz de Montréal is to educate, promote, and encourage the understanding, development, and influence of orchestral jazz music from all eras, by producing and broadcasting concerts and recordings, using a core of permanent musicians, and by providing directors, composers, arrangers, and the best local artists a place for expressing their talent and creativity.

1-   I. Introduction     (5 :07)
    Solos : André Leroux, Bill Mahar, Frank Lozano,
    Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Ingrid Jensen

2-  II. Vent solaire     (6 :24)
    Solos : Ingrid Jensen, Samuel Blais

3- III. En apesanteur     (2 :23)

4- IV. La vie commence ici     (11 :21)
    Solos : Anne Schaefer, Ingrid Jensen, Jean-Pierre Zanella

5- V. Introduction à Énergie     (1 :50)
    Solos : Marianne Trudel

6- VI. Énergie     (4 :59)
    Solos : Improvisation collective

7- VII. Soon     (9 :54)
    Solos : Ingrid Jensen, Rémi-Jean Leblanc, Marianne Trudel

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